Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Quilled Peacock Card

HI Friends,

Welcome all!!!Glad to step forward to new year believed to be filled with Joy&prosperous .
I am hereby sharing my work on Quilling art that could be a great gift for your beloved ones on this festive season.

Though Quilling is a vast ocean some techniques are really breath-taking and pretty easy ..I mostly work on Beehive technique which is simple but outcomes with a great look.But,here I would like to present something that would help others to make it by their own with some basic things available.I implanted all basic techniques like Tear-drop,Beehive, Outliner, etc...
This card is most simplest and easy-to-do by anyone who would like to gift a handmade card .

Development in steps:

I a'm attaching this Quilling Card for IQCG Quilling challenge


For stopping by and your great support extended,,..


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Coir Lampshade

HI Friends,I would like to share with you some interesting work of mine.Usually i found lampshades made from paper,fabric,rope so i just tried out same with coir (fibre from the outer husk of the coconut, used in potting compost and for making ropes and matting.)

I took a cardboard cut out and dumped some coir and roped with silk thread to get definite shape.I made a thin layer of thread for even texture.

Then made some decorations and inserted lamp from top .

Hope u find it useful...Thank you HAppy Day!!!!

Quilling GAnesha

Hiiiiii Friends....
Here is abstract quilled ganesha that will decorate your pooja hall or a gift to your beloved ones.
I used 7mm strips for the whole projects .For base, i chose some barbeque sticks that are tied together with a embroidery pattern for rich look,followed by decorating with laces available from stores.
I took a image of ganesha (free hand sketch) drawn on handmade paper or printouts could be better option for beginners .Use of tight-coil,Tear drop,corrugated strips is highly recommended as it would give a great look.
Picture of Quilling GAnesha
Thank You Friends.....

Welcome Doll from waste glass bottle

Hello Friend,

Picture of Claying & coloring
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Lets make a recycle project here..
Welcome Doll

Just another idea to recycle old thrown off liquor bottles (I got one from waste bottle disposal store).
Materials Required:
1.)Round shaped liquor bottle.
2.)White M-Seal.
3.)Clay designing tools.
4.)Acrylic colors (orange, gold,black)
The bottle was round shaped at bottom so i thought of making a welcome doll ,you can chose any idea depending on size and length of your bottles...(If your bottles are lengthy u can make a image of cat sitting)
I just made a girl welcoming with half the size (my bottle was about 5 inch )using m-seal (shilpkar) since its completely a recycling project and easily available at craft stores.
                 Picture of Claying & coloring
I use to make hand sculptures so it hardly took me 30 minutes to make the girls face and body was easy since i just packed the bottle with clay. Created impression using tools for rich look and painted with acrlyic colors.... Thank You for stopping by and your support....Happy Day Friends....!

Coconut Shell Showpiece

Hi Friends,
Happy to share you with another DIY coconut shell showpiece.. Almost everyone can get a coconut shell no need to go for shopping....
Arranging coconut shell

Allow the shells to dry for a day and now start coloring i thought of making a nest (make your own designs depending on requirement)and so i made a greenery theme and placed a bird with artificial plants.
U can even attach a zip between the shells and make a jewellery box with lock ...It would be a fabulous gift for your beloved ones. Hope this post would be of great help for gifting your special ones.
Thank you for stopping by happy day.....!

Quilled Fairy WallHanging

Hi Friends!!!!
Happy to post my lovely quilled fairy !!!!
Quilled Fairy
In a black card sheet u can transfer or sketch the image of fairy ..U can make any image or use printouts for better representation.Use 5mm strips to fill up fairy and 3mm for butterflies.I used maroon and gold color for hair and a flower in liliac color.

For designing hair, i used paper crimper for that waveform pattern .Sectioning gives u great look instead filling with same color.And i chose white ,pink,yelow,red colors and made small tear drops for dress portion.Multi color would be pretty attractive i hope.

Hair &Body

For designing hair, i used paper crimper for that waveform pattern .Sectioning gives u great look instead filling with same color.And i chose white ,pink,yelow,red colors and made small tear drops for dress portion.Multi color would be pretty attractive i hope.
U can either make wings seperately and attach else make a outline and fill up .I choose the later, with tear drops and zic-zac paper folds filled up the area of wings and inserted tight coils which forms a boundary.To make butterflies i used quilling comb and inserted tight coils for wings to look apart ..And finally, placed some buttons in center.Then i applied glitters to margins of wings and dress of fairy to enrich the details..Colored with portrait pink the features of fairy.I decorated the Flower on top with pearls and stones for chain.

Thank you for stopping by and for your great support :-)